"Just looking through WSIB Regulation 1101 doesn't provide all the answers clearly," said a local business manager to me recently on determining their first aid training requirements. True. Finding the right information to ensure you're meeting your workplace requirements does require research and patience, often looking in multiple locations for clear answers. For example, reading the printed or electronic version of the Regulation 1101 itself does not mention which type of first aid course is required based on the number of employees. Though going to the WSIB website, you will find they provide answers which expands upon the regulations, providing more clarity.

Here are some of the requirements pulled from the WSIB website:

  • Workplaces must have at least one employee on site at all times that has a valid first aid certificate from a WSIB-approved training organization, such as the Canadian Red Cross.
  • Employers must cover any costs for first aid equipment and services. This includes first aid kits, inspections of kits, training, and more.
  • Employers must inspect first aid equipment at least once every three months.
  • First aid stations must be easy to find and near an employee who has a valid first aid certificate.
  • Employers must post the "In case of injury poster (Form 82)", first aid certificates and kit inspection card in an area that all employees can easily access. We recommend a copy by the first aid kit as well as on your Occupational Health & Safety Board and Binders in the work vehicles.
  • Employers must keep a detailed record of all incidents and any first aid treatment given.
  • First aid requirements apply to all employees regardless of their employment status and for all workplaces, including off-site work locations.

The required training depends on the number of people working per shift at a workplace:

  • For workplaces with five or fewer people working on any one shift, at least one must have an Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Certificate. This program is 6.5 hours (instructional time) long and is offered by organizations across the province.
  • For workplaces with six or more people working on any shift, at least one must have a Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Certificate. This program is 13 hours long (instructional hours) and is offered by organizations across the province.

First For Safety has been a Training Partner for the Canadian Red Cross for over 23 years. We're happy to answer your questions on required workplace first aid & CPR/AED and safety training requirements, as well as on what equipment you're required to have on-site. We're honest, straightforward, and give you cost-effective options to meet your minimum requirements. For all of this information and much more, visit WSIB's website: https://www.wsib.ca/en/businesses/health-and-safety/training/first-aid-program

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