Footwear & Boots

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Snow and Ice Shoe Grips
  • $24.95
  • $15.95

Anti-Slip Snow and Ice Shoe Grip

DeWALT Impact 8
  • $220.00

DeWALT Palm Crazy Brown 8" CSA Approved Workboot

DeWALT Kevlar Safety Shoe
  • $200.00
  • $160.00

DeWALT Kevlar CSA Safety Footwear, shoe, lightweight

DeWALT Plasma Wheat Safety Boot
  • $200.00
  • $180.00

DeWALT Plasma Wheat safety boot, short CSA,

DeWALT Plasma Black Safety Boot
  • $200.00
  • $180.00

DeWALT Plasma Black Safety Boot, CSA,

DeWALT Nitrogen Black Slip-On Boot
  • $209.95

DeWALT Black Slip-On Safety Boot, CSA, protective toe and plate

DeWALT Impact 8
  • $220.00

DeWALT CSA Approved Black Workboot

Royer MOAB Brown 6

Royer metal free brown 6" CSA approved safety boot

Royer MOAB Black 8

Royer metal free CSA Approved workboot 8" black

Royer MOAB Brown 8

Royer metal free CSA approved workboot 8" brown

Royer Chainsaw/Forestry Boot

Royer 8" TRACK NYLON Forestry Chainsaw Boot, Canadian Made

Royer Brown Safety Shoe
  • $169.95

Royer Laced CSA Approved Safety Shoe

Royer 8
  • $259.95

Canadian-made 8" Neoprene and UTECH leather boot

Royer 8
  • $249.95

Royer Metal Free GOR-TEX boot with Vibram Fire and Ice Sole 8" Brown

Bekina Thermolite Insulated Safety Rubber Boot
  • $189.95

Bekina Insulated Safety Rubber Boot

Baffin Hunter Rubber Boots

$79.95 Warm Feet to -40C Pick Up or Delivery

5707AG Royer Waterproof Winter Workboot
  • $249.95

Thinsulate lined Royer Waterproof Winter Workboot

5727AG Royer Waterproof Winter Boot
  • $249.95

Thinsulate lined Royer Waterproof Winter Workboot Brown

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