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  • "Great course, knowledgeable instructor, nice training room and helpful staff all around. "

    Christian S.

  • "The course material was informative, easy to learn, and the teacher was friendly, open to answering questions, and spoke clearly for all to hear."

    Mitch P.

  • "Our office had a great experience with First for Safety! We registered with Jennifer, she responded very promptly and communicated everything efficiently. Craig our instructor was also great to work with. He brought along all necessary props and explained everything thoroughly and in a timely manner. Both Jennifer and Craig were courteous and professional and we would definitely consider working with them again in the future. Thanks again!"

    Midland Bay Dental

  • "I had a great time attending this course, our instructor Tyler was very very good, and knowledgeable, he made the class fun and easy to participate in. I would highly recommend this course "

    Steve C.

  • "Craig did an excellent job teaching the First Aid CPR course. I would highly recommend First for Safety, they were very helpful and knowledgeable. As an added benefit, I brought the First Aid kit in from the office and Amanda went through it and updated it for me. Thank you Amanda. "


  • "very well done course. The facilitator was knowledgeable and engaging. The staff are also super friendly and helpful. "

    Christina W.

  • "I was so impressed by First For Safety from the time I registered until the end of my BLS course.Everyone was so accommodating, helpful and professional.My training instructor,Craig was great teaching the course and making it interesting while learning all the information. I would highly recommend 'First For Safety' to any individual or group wanting to participate in a course. "

    Jane C.

  • "I really enjoyed the course, I found it very effective and hope to expand my knowledge in the future."


  • "Fantastic Course! Very interactive and informative. Great job John! "

    Tara B.

  • "Had a really good recertification with Tyler. Picked up a lot of new info in a fun way. "

    Tom P.

  • "I want to thank our instructor. John's teaching method work well with the group. It was a good way to have the parties involved together, having everyone work towards the same common goal. Feel safe and confident in helping others. Thanks again to John for keeping the course moving forward and not feeling like it was near going end, there was no time wasted on any of the subjects. "

    Dan P.

  • "We send all our volunteers and staff to First for Safety for their First Aid & CPR training. The registration process has always been great as well as we have had great feedback about all instructors. Excellent course!"

    Sue Patenaude

  • "I have done many first aid courses and I have to say this is the first one where I feel I truly learned something and it stuck. Our instructor was amazing, he was able to make sure each and everyone of us were educated and on the same page. Thanks! "

    Morgan R.

  • "Tyler was our instructor and he was awesome! Very patient with us, and he kept the material interesting throughout. Thank you!"

    Sarah H.

  • "Great course Jim, thank you, informative and clear."

    Ruth C.

  • "I have been taking by first aid every 3 years since 2005 and I think this was by far the most enjoyable class and knowledgeable instructor I have had. The instructor used personal experiences to teach us the required material as well as lots of hands on demonstrations. I appreciated the different learning strategies as this material can get pretty dry and it have be hard to focus when someone is just reading overhead material for 2 days straight. I hope to have the same instructor for my recert in 3 years. "

    Anna M.

  • "Clean, warm building. Jennifer was very helpful and makes the process very simple and quick. In the store the cashier was helpful and payment was simple. The instructor of the first aid training I did, Jackson was the best. She made things real and teaches a lot from her experience working in the field. I would recommend them! Thereís also free coffee at all time so thatís a bonus haha "

    Mitchell S., Alair Homes

  • "Good review of first aid requirements. Good class participation, and sharing of stories. Sometimes getting personal helps with undersranding the big picture. John kept things moving well, covered a lot of territory, and beat it into us to call 911 right away! It was a good course. Thank you!"

    Irm L.

  • "I thought the course was fantastic! John did an excellent job, kept us focused, educated, and entertained us at the same time! His presentations were clear and to the point. And had his vast experience and knowledge to call on when needed! Would I take the course again. Hell yes! John deserves a raise!"

    Frank M.

  • "The staff at First for Safety were very pleasant and accomodating. The instructor was very knowledgable and easy to learn from. "

    Matt L.

  • "Very satisfied with course. Felt it was very informative, hands on, up-to-date and gave me the confidence needed in case I should ever have to use these skills in an emergency. John was an excellent instructor. "

    Carolyn D.

  • "The instructor was amazing. She was personable and relaxed well with all the class. Information was explained well. Look forward to having another class with her!!!"

    Donna M.

  • "Thank you for having an amazing instructor! It was a joy to learn from you. "

    Vanessa A.

  • "The instructor was excellent he made the course fun and easy to retain."

    Robin A.

  • "Our training was fantastic. The experience of the instructor and the way the material was presented will help me to remember what to do in the event of an emergency. The time taking the course flew by and much appreciated. "

    Deborah S.

  • "Our instructor was terrific. He kept the instruction moving. He asked after every segment if anyone had questions and answered all questions asked. Great experience. "

    Shirley L.

  • "Very good course! Very informative and I learned a lot. The instructor was very knowledgeable. "

    Suzanne M.

  • "Course was excellent, very thorough and informative. Instructor Jim was very knowledgeable and his presentation put all at ease. Thank you to all involved, much appreciated! "

    Steve H.

  • "The Standard First Aid Course offered by Jim was great. We learned a lot, and now feel comfortable with the covered skills. The hands-on components and Jim's sense of humor made for an enjoyable 2 days."

    Amanda S.

  • "I want to say I very much enjoyed this round of training. The instructor was very easy to follow and made the course down to earth with light hearted but poignant in the area of discussion. He took time for the class to express their own experiences and did not rush anything along. GREAT JOB. When I need to take this training again I hope it will be John doing the training. "

    BJ Cardy

  • "Overall amazing two days spent and grabbing the certificate from a great expertise, Kathy. Highly recommending for all those seeking CPR certification! "


  • "I Just had a 2 day course on Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C that was very interesting and Tyler the trainer made the course fun and interactive , he also had us out of our seats doing hands on first aid and CPR. Tyler was very knowledgeable in first aid with real life stories. The building was very clean and staff were Friendly and I would recommend training at First for Safety in Midland. "Thank you" "

    James B.

  • "Tyler was very personable, professional, informative, patient and easy to understand. I really enjoyed all the hands on practice we did. The 7 minutes of CPR with the AED was so helpful, and it is great to know that we can do that for 7 minutes straight, so if we are ever presented with having to do this, we know we can do it solo for at least 7 minutes. The v-stance is great to know. I asked a lot of questions to clarify things, etc, and Tyler never seemed annoyed or frustrated with my questions, which was huge. That helped make me feel comfortable, and ok to ask more questions. I liked the review of things we learned the day before Tuesday morning. It was nice just to recap the main points again. I found this to be the best first aid course I have taken. I refreshed a lot, and learned a number of new things. Found it extremely informative and helpful. Would definitely recommend Tyler as an instructor."

    Jackie M.

  • "I received my re-certification on July 29th, 2019. We had the pleasure of having Kathy visit Waterside RL to do our re-certification. What an incredibly good instructor she is !! She really knows her stuff, she has a fun and refreshing way of delivering the course material and all of our participants were fully engaged throughout the day !! Kudos to Kathy :)"

    Barb N.

  • "Thanks so much to our instructor, Kathy, for making the course so interesting with her hands on experience in the field and the knowledge acquired in her places of employment. The entire process of registration, payment and obtaining my certification was well organized and professional. "

    Josefine H.

  • "Very knowledgeable staff and good facilities ...and the safest building in the area ...very helpful training coordinator. I recommend this location."

    Cyrianrinz G.

  • "Jim, our instructor for the 2 day coarse was very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend first for safety!"

    Kyle C.

  • "The CPR course that I attended was excellent. I am a nurse with many years experience - and a past history of volunteering as a first aider at sporting events. I found the entire CPR course interesting and it was probably the best one I have attended...The material was presented in a straight forward - easy to understand manner. There have been changes over the years on how CPR is performed - and it was interesting to have the improvements explained. Thank-you. "

    Anne C.

  • "Course content is always good. Craig the instructor was excellent, kept the pace going and kept things interesting."

    Paul T.

  • " A very thorough and interesting course. The instructor is great."

    Hubert M.

  • "This was my very first ever CPR - First Aid training in my 35 years. I was extremely impressed by the course content and Craig's knowledge level for first aid. Craig was an excellent instructor. He made me feel very comfortable asking any questions I had. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone and everyone :) Thanks so much!! Tina"

    Tina L.

  • "I was impressed with the knowledge and experience of the instructor and that quite a good portion of the course was spent in hands on activities to help us refresh our knowledge and muscle memory for use with the first aid equipment, especially with the airway management equipment such as oxygen tanks and bag valves. The newest thinking and rationale about CPR and the importance of both the speed and quality of teamwork with which it must be performed was also passed onto us throughout the day. "

    Chris G.

  • "The class was great, I enjoyed hearing the instructors stories and learning through them rather than just reading directly out of the manual. The instructor made learning and re-certifying fun, interesting and easy. "


  • "Hi Abbie, I just wanted to send a big thank you to you! All your help the past couple of weeks and ordering the gloves right away for us, has been a huge help! Thank you so much for being great at your job and for being so nice😊 Thanks again! "

    Derek - Maacon Construction Corporation

  • "I have been recertifying every year with First for Safety and they are an amazing business and team to work with. From their newsletter letting me know of courses offered to the reminders of the course I signed up for they are very professional. Their selection of the best First Aid Instructors is top notch. They host an absolute friendly, clean and safe environment to learn in. Although I have taken this course every year I always seem to walk away with yet another piece of valuable information I did not know. What impresses me the most is the real life stories and moments shared by the Certified Instructors of life saving situations. I would highly recommend training with First For Safety. "

    MIchelle M.

  • "I really and truly enjoy my training due to the fact that I am a visual learner and my teacher was one of the best I have ever met. She show patience and was very clear with what she had to teach. The visions she provided when she spoke about anything was clear and straight to the point. I will definitely want her to be my teacher again. Thank you very very much."

    Alicia N.

  • "Teacher is very good. she give us so much information about first aid and it's easy to remember everything."

    Parvinder K.

  • "First for safety did a really good job I learned alot of things within 2 days and that's just awesome ..."

    Angel S.

  • "Excellent course. Jim is a very knowledgeable instructor. Facilities are very clean and made me feel comfortable for easy learning. Staff very friendly."

    Greg H.

  • "This FirstAid+CPR course was probably the most interesting and enjoyable class I've taken. Kathy was very knowledgable, experienced and facilitated discussion so we weren't just absorbing information the whole two days. Lots of theory to practice examples provided and enough breaks/side topics that I wasn't looking forward to it being over like other trainings I've endured. I would use First for safety again in the future especially if it was the same instructor. Thank you! "

    Cody L.

  • "It is a pleasure to work alongside this agency to have our staff trained and re-qualified in First Aid. The communications are prompt and the administration is easy and efficient. Thank you for the great work."

    Darren S.

  • "Very informative, with a friendly and wonderful instructor! She prepared us well, and her stories about working in the field were very helpful and interesting. I highly recommend this course."

    Katherine H

  • "Instructor was fabulous. Real life experiences were shared which made the learning process much easier."

    Anne A.

  • "This was a truly amazing course. The instructor is amazing. She made everything so clear and true to life. Not afraid to share her experiences and to welcome ours. she is an asset to the Red Cross. Learned some great things that are so common and yet you don't realize the significance. 100\100 for sure"

    Lorraine T.

  • "The instructor made the 2 days very easy to learn, she communicated very well and had good energy. "

    Randy R.

  • "The entire process from registering with Jennifer right through to the delivery of the course and the quality of customer service was outstanding. We will continue to utilize the many products and services offered by First For Safety."

    Jason B.

  • "I thought that the entire process was an enjoyable experience. The instructor did a great job building a relationship with the class and making two long days seem to glide by. In addition, Jennifer was always extremely easy to get in contact with for registration, or clarification on any confusions such as locations and times. Thank you for making the experience good for all of our team members who attended throughout three separate classes. "

    Shane W.

  • "What an awesome instructor. We covered the material completely and had lots of real world scenarios to help us see the value in what we were learning. She was also a dynamic instructor which helped keep me engaged. THANK YOU "

    Cathy M.

  • "I enjoyed this course and the way it was presented. The way the instructor taught it and her personality was a BIG part of it! She was extremely friendly and personable making learning easy. Thank you."

    Christina M.

  • "Everything was great. The registration was easy and straight forward. There was an acknowledgement that you were in the course. The instructor John was great, had lots of experience and had a few stories to tell. Overall the whole process was great."

    Randy K.

  • "I found your course to be very well run from beginning to end. Staff and instructor were professional, knowledgeable and efficient. I especially enjoyed the smaller class size."

    Tracy M.

  • "I would like to say thank you. The instructor made the course make more sense and easier to learn. Very good instructor. I really learned a lot. "

    Hilary P.

  • "The class was a fun and informative session. One of the best I have gone through. I will recommend this to others that are looking for training. "

    Nolan S.

  • "Instructor was awesome - has so much heart and is so real - she made me feel like I could do it - perfect candidate to do podcast/online instruction - great personality and soul honestly harness her talents she has much to offer this generation "

    Kelley D.

  • "Excellent training. John teaches well and makes sure you understand. Jennifer and staff have been very helpful and go out of their way to accommodate your needs. Thanks!! "

    Tim M.

  • "Craig was such a great trainer! He was engaging in a group that was tough to read at first. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. It was a pleasure to spend the 2 days being trained by Craig. "

    Kristin C.

  • "Jim is an awesome trainer. The staff is friendly and helpful. The training facility is clean and comfortable. All around a great experience. Thank you."

    Maureen Kowal

  • "I found that the First Aid/CPR/AED course that I had recently taken at First For Safety was extremely informative as well as being an enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend First For Safety."

    Iain M.

  • "I enjoyed the Emergency First Aid/CPR course and found Jim Hanmore to be a great instructor. He's knowledgeable, approachable, uses personal stories to provide relevant examples and analogies to further facilitate the learning, and does well at engaging the class. Thanks for a great course!"

    Jennifer G.

  • "Just attended a two day first aid training course, and it quickly went from "just need to finish this" to "am I ever glad I came here to do this". It was a great experience all around. John was the facilitator, he was excellent; thorough, interesting, fun and humorous. He kept the whole experience very personal. I need to note also just how incredibly friendly every staff member was; I had a little interaction over lunch and a few issues I needed help with, and every single person I spoke to was very helpful and friendly, the vibe around the place was so positive. The environment is impeccably clean, and sharing your kitchenette was super helpful and again friendly. Wow - you guys have really got a good thing going on. Thank you "


  • "Great learning space and great instructor! "


  • "Really enjoyed the course offered by First for Safety. Instructor was great. Looking forward to recertifying in the future. "

    Lisa L.

  • "Our instructor, Jim, was extremely knowledgeable. His approach made everyone feel comfortable and the material less formidable. The training room and facilities were perfect. Having a small class was wonderful as well! "

    Pauline A.

  • "We had training here for 3 days (1 for First Aid recertification and 2 for First Aid certification training). Every one of our staff including myself were totally impressed with the way Kathy presented the materials. We found her very informative and engaging.The me way she presented the material was done in a manner that kept everyone interested throughout the entire time. We all agreed that this was the best First Aid training that we have ever attended."

    Dan D.

  • "Wow! What a fantastic instructor! This is the first course that I have walked away from feeling confident in my abilities as a first responder. It is clear that the instructor is very passionate about helping others, and life experiences greatly contribute to the dynamics of the class. Thank you!!"

    Victoria E.

  • "What a great experience! I learned so much during my 2 days Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C training. She was able to give us real life situation to help us understand. She made this training enjoyable! "

    Annie Z.

  • "Re: Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C Training on December 4th and 5th, 2018 The instructor was outstanding. She offered real life experiences, was knowledgeable and it was very obvious that she is quite passionate about what she does. The entire two days were a pleasurable learning experience for me. Facility was good, however, I found the temperature of the room was very cold on both days. (I was dressed warmly)"

    Sylvia Bumstead

  • "Great class. First time I have taken a first aid class and left feeling comfortable with what I just learned. I have taken lots of first aid classes too."

    Melissa M.

  • "This was my first time taking this course. I really enjoyed it. The instructor was awesome. Really liked her passion, real life stories and her method of delivering the course material. It was fun and very interactive. Would certainly recommend this course to others. The facility was suitable for our large group with ample parking and the pre-course instructions were clear."

    Lois I.

  • "Kathy was a fabulous teacher! She take from her years of Nursing experience and personal life stories ( good or bad) to provide real -life examples; examples that hit home and make sense. Her teaching style makes for a fun learning environment. I'd like to personally thank Kathy for her patience and laughter working with the Honeywell - HBS Waypoint team during our recent CPR/First aid experience. Jennifer as well a pleasure and the facility is perfect. Thanks for the hospitality. - Director of FM Operations - Honeywell at Waypoint- A. Ahrens "

    A. Ahrens

  • "Everything is taught to the perfection in First Aid and CPR class. I learned so much more than I knew. I woulld strongly suggest to anyone if they need to have First Aid and CPR training, please use their services. You will not be disappointed. "


  • "I have learned a lot from here about first aid and CPR. The teacher was amazing. She taught everything very well and briefly. It was a nice experience for me learning with such a good teacher. Thank you very much."

    Saiqa A.

  • "Kathy was an excellent instuctor. I enjoy her real life stories and appreciated the update on newer topics like opioid overdose and Lyme disease."

    Linda R.

  • "I wanted to review to let you know how wonderful our instructor was. She had real life experience and stories which not only directly related to the course but also help to make the course interesting. This material can be quite dry but with Kathy teaching it was anything but dry! She was absolutely fabulous! Providing us the tools to feel confident in the event of an emergency. Thank you!"

    Emma M.

  • "Excellent instructor. I learned more this time around than all the other times combined. Very approachable, very clear in his instructions and made the class enjoyable."

    Lori T.

  • "I recently completed my SFA/CPR with Red Cross and was very pleased with how easy and convenient registrations. The instructor was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. This was one of the best classes I have a had the pleasure of attending. I will definitely be returning to Red Cross for training in the future and will be recommending others to do the same. Thank you to Jennifer Watson for making my registration hassle free and convenient, and thank you to Cathy the instructor for making the day very engaging, fun, and pleasant."

    Marna C.

  • "Loved the class, gave all info needed plus more, very good instructors "

    Kyle J.

  • "I usually don't leave reviews, by I believe Kathy (our two-day instructor) deserved recognition. Kathy was absolutely hilarious and made class fun. The on-going jokes and laughing, but with the serious of hands-on learning made the two days go by in a flash. I am so thankful for Kathy, and I hope that I get to do my renewal classes with her in the near future. Thank you so much again. Mel & Erin "

    Erin R.

  • "What a fantastic instructor. I have been taking First Aid courses since I was eleven. This was the first time I was not bored. She kept it interesting and thorough. She managed the entire class so well. She really knows her stuff. "

    Janice Murton

  • "What a great instructor. Adding personal experiences into the course made it more personable. "

    Donna F.

  • "I have been very impressed from my first visit to book a date for my CPR & AED training. You notify me of my date, followed up with a reminder as promised. The course was well organized, the trainer very knowledgeable, made the course fun, she simplified the course and made it easy to understand. Great job Kathy. Thanks I give you an A in content, knowledge and presentation."

    Glenis M.

  • "I took this course in the general interests of safety around the home and the water, and not for work purposes. It was a well-structured offering with plenty of hands-on demonstrations, the instructor was engaging, the booklet invaluable as a reference, and the atmosphere congenial. And it was fascinating to hear one woman report that in the course of her work she had saved not just one life, but three! "


  • "John is still an excellent instructor. There was never a moment that I was not engaged in the class. I even learned a few new things! Thanks for the quality training. "

    Tina - Health & Safety Supervisor

  • "I wanted to offer some feedback on the two day course we attended. Our Instructor was excellent. He did a wonderful job of explaining situations and actions that some of us may find ourselves involved in. Craig is an expert at offering information with a dab of humor and making the days training easy to take in. Thanks for some great training !"

    Midland Honda Group

  • "First For Safety is outstanding! The course helped me so much, it was practical, sensible and well-taught! The staff were very understanding! I will recommend First for Safety to my colleagues :)"

    Anne Rose

  • "I was able to complete the red cross online medical terminology course yesterday! Thank you so much for all of your help! I don't think I could have got this far without your assistance."

    Leah - Online Training Course

  • "Just wanted to mention that we have had Craig do our training a few times now, and he always does an outstanding job. He makes the afternoon fly by, he is an excellent instructor. "

    Allison A. - Private CPR course

  • "The staff at First for Safety are wonderful to deal with - knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Any time I go in there I'm welcomed with a smile. They went above and beyond to find an item for my hubby. Thanks so much!"

    Carlson Wagonlit Travel from: Midland

  • "Good morning Pat, Back in November, I stopped in to see what you had for winter, green patch boots. I have always been hesitant to buying a pair as I spend most of my time climbing and most CSA certified winter boots are big and heavy. One of your associates showed me a pair of the Rocky Mountains, and I could not believe it. They are so light, very comfortable, and Canadian made. I could not believe the price of the as well, they were cheaper than my regular summer boots. Of course I bought a pair, and have no regrets what so ever. There was no break-in period to them, and I put many of miles on them without any discomfort what so ever. The days of cold toes are well gone.I was taking a look at them as I put them away for the summer, and I could not believe how well they have stood up. There is no sole wear to them and no collapsing of the sides at all. By far, the best and most comfortable winter boot I have owned. Thank you for your help. Ed Moriarty"

    Ed M. from: Midland

  • "I recently took the Standard First Aid with Level 'C' CPR & AED 2 day course with John McDowell. He was such a great instructor. You can tell that he has a passion for teaching & helping others. Those 2 days flew by. The content was taught in such a fun, interesting & engaging way. Very pleased with the amount of information I retained in such a short amount of time. I am thankful to have gotten such a great instructor on such an important life skill."

    Stacey Schinella from: Midland

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