Respirator Fit Testing

If you or your employees wear an N-95, a half mask, or a full face-piece respirator in the workplace, a qualitative fit test is required to ensure the respirator provides adequate protection to the job at hand. Our fit testing training also meets the needs of many college students (ie: those in nursing, PSW and welding programs) whom require record of fit testing for placements.

Employers must ensure that PPE needed for the job is used by workers and maintained in good condition. The PPE must comply with applicable standards. Where required, the employer must ensure that the PPE is used, maintained and stored according to manufacturer’s instructions, applicable standards, and legislated requirements. The workers must be adequately trained on the use of the PPE.


  • CSA Regulation Z94.4 (-11, -02)
  • O. Reg. 213/91, sections 21, 26 and 93


  1. Candidates must be clean shaven within 24 hours as per the CSA Standards.
  2. Please remove facial jewelry or other items that come between the skin and respirator
  3. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 15 minutes prior to course, and no smoking for at least 60 minutes prior to course.
  4. Please bring your own respirator and filters or cartridges to the fit testing, or be prepared to purchase them in the store prior to fit testing. Disposable respirators are provided for N95 fit testing only.


Our Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing meets the CSA Standard Z94.4-11 on fit testing as well as on the selection, use, and care of respirators (Z94.4-02) and includes both a minimum 20-30 minute instructional component before a qualitative fit test using the most current test methods is completed. Finally, a short written examination reviews the content. Topics covered include the proper donning and doffing of the respirator, care and maintenance including cleaning and sanitizing, how to inspect your respirator, compatability of other PPE, completing seal checks, and information on the proper selection of a filter or cartridge based on the intended use of the respirator.

At First For Safety, we use the most accurate qualitative fit testing methods available to ensure accuracy in results.


A new fit test should be completed every 2 years as per the CSA Regulation. However, if someone changes jobs, losses or gains a significant amount of weight, had an injury to the face, has changed respirators, or if the hazards of the workplace have been re-assessed - a fit test is required. When in doubt, consult the respirator's user manual for the manufacturers recommendation if under two years. Typically, fit testing every three months to one y ear makes for a complaint fit test program.


  • Successfully demonstrate requirements as per one respirator type (N95, Half Mask, Full Facepiece)
  • Complete the written review test
  • Attend and participate in 100% of the course including a fit test (Irritant Smoke or Bitrex methods available)

Includes a copy of the Instructor's Fit Test Results, a Certificate of Completion, and a Record of Training for Employers (upon request).


$45 + HST per participant for private training

$35 +HST as a participant in our public course training dates

*Group rates and on-site training available.

Fit Testing is done by appointment, though we do offer public courses that run during the most popular fit testing periods with reduced pricing. To schedule please call 705-526-3853 or email



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