2.7 Million Canadian Fire Extinguishers Recalled

We are pleased to announce that the recent recall on over 2.7 million fire extinguishers in Canada meant to protect our homes, boats, cottages, workplaces, and lives - DOES NOT include any of the Strike First brand fire extinguishers sold at First For Safety.

CBC releases article of recall on 2.7 million fire extinguishers with plastic spray tops, including brand information such as Garrity. Please see the article link for details. CBC News Article for List of Recalled Extinguishers

This recall should serve as a reminder to Canadians that are cutting corners with fire safety is not worth the few dollars of savings. Come visit us in store at 105 Fourth Street for the purchase of new Strike First fire extinguishers, as well as other fire safety items such as fire escape ladders, exit and emergency lighting, CO alarms and Smoke Detectors.

If your extinguisher is included in this recall and you are in need of a new one, come check us out in store!

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