• $64.95

Strike First ABC Extinguishers with Mounting Brackets

  • Steel cylinder complete with cylinder skirt
  • Industrial-strength cylinder has high corrosion and impact-resistant polyester powder paint finish
  • Waterproof stainless steel gauge
  • Anodised aluminum valve
  • Strong polyester powder-coated steel handles
  • Completely rechargable
  • Full hand grip for ease of operation
  • ULC listed
  • Comes with vehicle mounting bracket
  • 3A 40B-C, higher content than your average 5lb extinguisher

** Assorted types/sizes of extinguishers available. Please contact for more information.

NOTE: Maintenance and recharging of all fire extinguishers should be performed by a qualified service company.


Fires classified according to the material that is burning. Fire extinguishers are rated by the area each will cover for the particular class of fire. The higher the number, the bigger the fire area you can fight.

CLASS A fires are the most common. They involve ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth, rubber, and a number of plastics, and other ordinary materials.

CLASS B fires are caused by gasoline, grease, oil, paint, and other flammable liquids. Commonly strikes in warehouses and manufacturing plants.

CLASS C for live electrical equipment. Often occurs in computer monitors, wiring and appliances.

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